What we do

NZ’s Barbeque Legacy

As much as we love to serve, we love to create. Our pit masters are true masters of their craft. Through years of practice they intuitively know exactly when to flip a brisket, what spices make a perfect rub and how to keep the embers burning at just the right heat to lock in flavours and juices. BBQ Cartel is made up of four key BBQ styles: American, Argentinian, Asian Fusion and Kiwi. Our BBQ styles are an art that must be mastered through experience, and it makes for a difference you can taste in the food we create.

An experience
like no other

A Cartel is said to have the monopoly of a business sector.
And that’s what we’re all about. Bringing you the cutting
edge in BBQ food, never before seen or experienced.

The BBQ Cartel experience is like no other; giving you
the opportunity to immerse yourself in a BBQ style you
may not have previously.

We cater to events of
any style and size

With a range of mobile barbeques and skilled people at
the helm, we are fully equipped to deliver events of any
style or size. No location is too difficult for us to operate
from. From urban hotspots to off-the-grid rural locations
without power or running water: we have done it and can
do it all.