History and Experience

Since day one we’ve been unafraid to do things differently.

Heck, people thought we were crazy when we shipped our first 1.5 tonne American BBQ in from the Mid-West.
Now “The Old Mare” is just one in a stable of barbeques of all sizes, which goes to show that an adventurous mindset is the best kind to have.

Fanning the flames of
barbeque since 2006

With origins stretching back centuries, this style of barbeque in recent years has been igniting imaginations (and appetites) around the world. Our founder, Stu Weatherhead, caught the flame in the early 2000’s and what began as one man’s fascination with fire and flavour has now become a story of barbeque on the rise in Aotearoa.

Commitment to
both service and
culinary satisfaction

Since BBQ Cartel’s earliest days, our commitment to both service and culinary satisfaction have seen the business grow into a fully-fledged, highly experienced catering offering. Drawing on years of know-how we offer unrivalled capability in on-site catering, with an ability to ensure an enjoyable and delicious experience every time.

An authentic, stress-free
barbeque experience

We believe that good food, well served, makes all the difference to any event. Our diverse menu appeals to discerning lovers of the flame and broader taste palates in equal measure. We are sticklers for detailed planning, adaptable in scale and receptive to unique requests. Most of all, we are genuinely committed to bringing you an authentic, stress-free barbeque experience.