We begin with quality ingredients,
fresh and locally sourced wherever possible.

Then with some experience and imagination, we create our own unique recipes for mops and rubs, those magical additions give the meat its deep flavour and juicy texture. Cooked to perfection over hot embers, the result is food that looks, smells and tastes like nothing else. Click to expand our range of menu’s below, perfect for weddings, corporate and delivery.

Kiwi BBQ

The Cartels Kiwi BBQ menu reminds us of the smell of fresh cut grass and the disappointment of the cricket ball being over the neighbour’s fence.

Serviced – $45 per person.

Pickup/delivery – $40 per person (delivery fee applies)

Dessert can be added on for an additional $6 per person.

Minimum numbers apply.


Beef steaks
Steaks with garlic herb salt and BBQ sauce (GF/DF)
BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken with Cartel chicken seasoning/plum sauce (GF/DF)
Bratwurst sausages, tomato sauce (DF)

Accompanied by

Kiwi Potato salad
Potato salad with sour cream & chive (GF/V)
Roast Vegetables
Roast seasonal vegetable salad, rocket (GF/DF/V)
Beetroot Salad
Baby beetroot, feta, spinach, red onion (GF/V)
Garden salad
Iceberg lettuce, seasonal veg, vinaigrette (GF/DF/V)


Mini Pavlova
Individual Mini pavlova, cream and seasonal fruit
OR Classic Kiwi Trifle

Asian fusion BBQ

Inspired by the flavours, sight and smells of street food, here is the Cartels Asian fusion BBQ menu.

Canapés - $16

Chicken Kebab
Chicken kebab, hoi sin plum glaze (GF/DF)
Grilled Beef
Grilled beef, sushi rice, Kewpie, torogashi (GF/DF)
Fresh Spring Rolls
Fresh Vietnamese spring roll, namjim (GF/DF/V)
Poached Prawn
Poached prawn with spiced sesame salt, kimchi mayo (GF/DF)

Mains - $47

Premium pork ribs
Stu’s magic dust and Thai Roadrunner sauce (GF/DF)
Sticky Lamb Leg
Rubbed with our night in Shanghai rub, star anise, kecap manis, spring onions, sesame and crispy shallot (GF/DF)
Chicken Thigh
Marinated in a South East Asian peanut and lemon grass curry, coriander and coconut chutney (GF/DF)

Accompanied by

Brown Rice Salad
Brown rice with edamame, spring onion, red cabbage, peanuts, miso (GF/DF/V)
Green Beans
Crispy green beans, fried onion and sesame, caramelised soy dressing (GF/DF/V)
Cabbage and apple
Shaved wom bok, apple, cashews, Vietnamese vinaigrette (GF/DF/V)
Roasted kumara and lap Cheong sausage, grilled green onion aioli (DF)
Garlic buttered roti

Dessert - $9

Custard tarts
Chinese custard tarts
Mango Truffles
White chocolate and freeze-dried mango truffles (GF)


The Cartels US OF A menu brings you the big flavour from the Southern States the home of Smoker BBQ’s and freedom! This menu is also available as a sharing platter. Please enquire regarding pricing. Minimum numbers apply.

Canapés - $19

Beef slider
Beef brisket/smokey rub/Black Jack Sauce/Cartel ranch slaw (DF)
Pork Ribs
Premium pork ribs/Stu’s magic dust/cartel BBQ (GF/DF)
Macaroni cheese bites
Macaroni cheese bites, scallion aioli (V)
Salmon Pancakes
Smoked salmon pancake, dill crème, capers
Onion and feta tartlet, baby rocket (V)

Mains - $52

Beef sirloin
Smokey coffee rub, Cartel BBQ Sauce, smoked garlic butter (GF/DF)
Thigh, Cartel chicken rub, cranberry and maple BBQ sauce (GF/DF)
Double smoked ham, basted with Cartel Hog Wash, apricot mustard (GF/DF)

Accompanied by

Bacon Ranch slaw
Shaved cabbage, Cartel ranch, crispy bacon (GF/DF)
Potato Salad
Red skinned potatoes, celery, onion, dill pickles, mayonnaise (GF/DF/V)
Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, toasted pecans, dried cranberries, green apple, honey mustard vinaigrette (GF/DF/V)
New York Chopped Salad
Tomato, cucumber, red onion, egg, olives, capsicum, radish, asparagus, cos lettuce (GF/DF/V)
Buttermilk Biscuits
Buttermilk biscuits, butter

Dessert - $9

Baked Cheesecake
Baked cheesecake, with fresh fruit (V)
Brownie, strawberry cream (V)

Argentinian BBQ

Let BBQ Cartel introduce you to delicious meats that have been cooked patiently over slow-burning coals. Experience the taste of Argentinian food right here, in Christchurch.

Canapés - $19

Roasted pumpkin
Roasted pumpkin and caramelized onion empanadas (V)
Cerviche of fresh fish, citrus and coriander (GF/DF)
Pão de queijo
Pão de queijo – Brazilian cheese rolls (V)
Corn Fritters
Corn fritter, avocado, bacon jam, coriander (GF/DF)

Mains - $55

Sazon rubbed beef rump with red pepper chimichurri (GF/DF)
Tequila, dill and orange marinated salmon smoked on cedar boards, with dill and lemon crema (GF/DF)
Spring Lamb
Grilled whole spring lamb, Cartel rub, mint and yoghurt chimichurri (GF)
Free Range Chicken
Grilled whole free range chicken with chorizo butter and salsa criolla (GF/DF)
Corn tortillas
Corn tortillas

Accompanied by

Roasted Corn Salad
Roasted corn salad with charred capsicum, chilli and coriander dressing (GF/DF/V)
Sweet Potato Salad
Sweet potato salad with baby spinach, chilli mayo and crispy chorizo (GF/DF)
Green salad
Green salad (GF/DF/V)

Dessert - $8

Bolivian fried beignets with honey (V)
Brazilian truffles condensed milk (V)

Vacuum Pack Range

Bring the BBQ to your place with a selection of our signature meats vacuum packed for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Smoked sticky ribs with a ginger & brown sugar glaze (GF/DF)
$30.00 Whole rack
King Salmon – Cartel Tequilla smoked salmon with lime & dill (GF/DF)
$60.00 Per Side
Crispy twice cooked BBQ char sui pork belly (GF/DF)
$18.00 Per 500g
Double smoked beef brisket with Cartel rub (GF/DF)
$20.00 Per 500g
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Skewers with whipped feta and olives (GF)
$28.00 for 4 kebabs
Portuguese Chicken Skewers, Portuguese spices, coriander, lime and yougurt (GF)
$26.00 for 4 skewers
Creamy Potato Gratin
$15.00 Serves 4 people
Mac n Cheese with cheddar, mozzarella, tomato and a panko crumb
$18.00 serves 4 people

BBQ Pit Platter

The ultimate bbq platter is here!

With a selection of our tender woodfire smoked meats this pit platter is a sure thing

BBQ Pit Platter
Sticky smoked ribs with brown sugar & ginger (6) | Double smoked brisket with Cartel rub | Slow cooked lamb with red pepper chimmichurri | Tequila cured Aoraki smoked salmon | Smokey chorizo sausage with piquant salsa | Southern style chicken wings (12) | Gherkins, olives, stuffed bell peppers | Sweet Chill flat bread | Sriracha mayo

Low and Slow

Ideal for a group on a budget but still want that big BBQ Cartel flavour. Our Cartel pork ribs are processed for ribs not a left over from making bacon. All meals come delivered in disposable trays ready to serve with:

Bioware plate, cutlery & napkins

Potato salad – Chive & mustard mayo/caramelised onion/gourmet potatoes

Coleslaw – Cartel ranch/slaw/toasted seeds

Bread roll


Minimum 25 of each item

Cartel Pork Ribs
½ slab - $25 whole - $32
Premium Ribs/Stu’s magic dust/Thai Firebird sauce
Sliced Beef Brisket
Brisket/Smokey rub/Black Jack Sauce - 125g per portion
Pulled Pork
Pork shoulder/Stu’s Magic Dust/Chipotle BBQ - 150g per portion
The Individual Pit Platter
$30 pp
¼ slab of ribs/50gm of brisket/50gm of pulled pork/smoked sausage

Hot and Fast

With big groups in mind we can set up a service for numbers over 100 people or we can deliver to you in disposable trays for smaller groups. Minimum 25 of each item

Cartel Burger
200gm beef burger/smokey rub/cheese/tomato/iceberg/mustard mayo/Prezel Bun
Gourmet Sausages from the hotplate, tomato sauce, bread


Our fresh baps come with 100gm of protein & Cartel ranch slaw

Beef brisket/smokey rub/Black Jack Sauce
Chicken thigh (130gm)/Jerk spices/Pineapple BBQ
Lamb leg/mint rub/chipotle BBQ
Pork shoulder/Stu’s Magic Dust/Chipotle BBQ
3 rashers Bacon/ 2 egg/tomato relish (no slaw)


A selection of delicious canapés suited to your event.

Fresh Vietnamese spring roll with namjim (VG, GF, DF)
Macaroni cheese bites with scallion aioli (VG)
Onion and feta tartlet with baby rocket (VG)
Pao de Queijo (Brazilian cheese roll) (VG)
Chicken kebab with a hoi sin plum glaze (GF)
Grilled beef, sushi rice, kewpie and torogashi
Poached prawn with spiced sesame salt and kimchi mayo (GF)
Roasted pumpkin and caramelised onion empanada (VG)
Ceviche with citrus and coriander (GF, DF)
Smoked salmon pancake with dill cream and capers

BBQ Bowl Food

Great for conferences and networking events where guests can stand and mingle while they enjoy a bite to eat.

Beef Slider
With brisket, smokey rib, black jack sauce and Cartel ranch slaw
Pork Slider
With ranch slaw in a pretzel bun
Cartel Chicken
Served on a seasonal roast vegetable salad (GF/DF)
Chinese BBQ Pork
With shaved wom bok, apple, cashews and Vietnamese vinaigrette (GF/DF)
Pork Ribs
Covered with magic dust and Cartel BBQ sauce (GF/DF)
BBQ Chicken Thigh Roti Wrap
With peanut and lemongrass marinated chicken, coriander and coconut chutney, brown rice and edamame salad (DF)
Grilled Lamb Rump
With Cartel rub, mint and yoghurt chimichurri with sweet potato salad, baby spinach, chilli mayo and crispy chorizo
Smokey Coffee Rubbed Sirloin
With Cartel BBQ sauce and potato salad (GF/DF)
Smoked Salmon
Tequila, dill and orange smoked salmon, roasted capsicum and charred corn salad with lemon crema (GF)